Hi Ya'll!

written by

Bryan Petersen

posted on

January 13, 2017

Hi ya'll and welcome to Whitaker Farms! I am so happy that you are here...

Whitaker Avenue is the name of the street that I grew up on and where my parents still live (41 years later). It will always be home to me and my family. It is a place of comfort, both good and tough times, great hospitality, commitment and a whole lotta love. But naming the farm after that street means more to me than a short blog post could ever explain. It is my hope and prayer that Whitaker Farms will become a home to everyone who experiences it. I don’t want people to think of it as a "just a place they buy meat and stuff from".... 

I hope people stop by when they’ve had a bad day and need an ear or a cup of something hot. 

I hope smiles cover the fields and laughter fills the air.  

I hope strangers become friends and friends become family.  

I hope someone, someday finds a couch and a hot meal here when times get tough. 

I hope you experience life here and it becomes home for you too.

I hope Whitaker Farms can become for you-- what growing up on Whitaker Avenue was for me. 

Thanks for stoping by, and I hope you will again! 


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