Whitaker Farms Shipping FAQs

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Whitaker Farms

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August 12, 2021


Online Shopping is inevitable for all of us now.  While you may not think twice about a new pair of shoes getting shipped to your doorstep, the fulfillment of grass fed and pasture-raised meats requires quite a bit more though, and logistics. 

At Whitaker Farms we ship all of our meats frozen using insulated coolers with either gel packs or dry ice.  To make sure that our meat arrives at the proper temperature at your door we limit our shipping region to 2 day ground. 


Ground shipments will either arrive via a courier service which we contract out - or through UPS.  This just depends on how far away your home is from our farm.  If you're close enough to have our couriers do the delivery, these are the current prices:

  • - Home Delivery on orders over $125 is FREE
  • - If your order is under $125 we charge a $15 fee (more details below)
  • - Egg orders are available through our courier service

If you live outside of the area that our courier service covers, we will ship your order via UPS. Those rates are listed below.

  • - If your order is under $175 we charge a $20 fee
  • - Home Delivery on orders over $175 ship FREE
  • - Minimum Order Price For UPS orders is $100
  • - We do not ship eggs via UPS


If your order is just for some gear, t shirts, or beef jerky, we charge $10 nationwide.

Often times people find that its more cost effective to wait and place a big order as opposed to placing small orders throughout the month.  While we realize this might take more planning and be inconvenient, you will save more money and help our environment out.

We realize that big companies have tricked us into thinking shipping is free, but in all reality it's just built into the price of the product.  Whenever I see an add for free shipping i think "somewhere, someone is paying for this product to be shipped."  We're just saying that if you order enough product, we're happy to eat the costs.   


When will my order arrive? 

Orders fulfilled by our courier service will arrive on Tuesday.  Orders placed via UPS will arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on your location.

My order came partially thawed, will I die if i eat it? 

Nope, you'll be just fine.  Although most of the boxes arrive fully frozen, some do experience partial thawing.  The concern here isn't necessarily how frozen the meat is, but what temperature its at.  For whatever reason a common misconception is that meat will somehow go bad if you refreeze it.  Because of the packaging of our meats, freezing and refreezing of products is completely safe and won't harm you, the meat, or the people you serve it too.  All of our meats are vacuum sealed and won't experience quality or moisture loss due to the fact that air can't get in the packaging.  For more information on this, check out this article written by the FSIS (Food safety inspection service) courtesy of the UDSA. Freezing and Food Safety. 

    Do I have to be home to accept delivery?

    No, our delivery drivers will simply drop off the box.  As soon as you get home, just unpack and pop it in your freezer!

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