Liver and Onions with BACON

August 16, 2019 • 0 comments

The basic things that will set your liver above all others are: 1) soak in milk, 2)turn liver as little as possible and 3) don't overcook!" The inclusion of bacon takes the liver to another dimension.




2 pounds of sliced beef liver 

1 1/2 cups milk, or as needed

1/4 cup butter (16 oz), divided salted sweet butter

2 large Vidalia onions, sliced into rings

2 cups all-purpose flour, or as needed salt and pepper to taste

2-3 cloves of garlic, diced

A handful of sliced mushrooms

5-6 slices of bacon

salt and pepper, other herbs or spices to taste


Very important:  Gently rinse liver slices under cold water, and place in a medium bowl. Pour in enough milk to cover. Let stand while preparing onions. (soak up to an hour or two if possible) This step will make all the difference in your enjoyment of liver.  It helps to remove any bitterness.

Next, crisp the bacon in a big skillet (a deep cast-iron skillet if possible). Once the bacon is cooked most of the way, add the separated onion rings and the garlic, cooking until slightly softened.
Next add mushrooms, as well as any other herbs and additional flavorings you might like to taste (like rosemary, parsley, thyme, garlic powder, paprika, or chili pepper).
Then move all of that to the side of your skillet or remove to a bowl on the side. Drain milk from the liver, and coat slices in the flour mixture.  Add a little butter to the skillet if necessary and sear the liver until nice and brown. Turn, and cook on the other side until browned (for about one or two minutes). Once the meat is seared on both sides, pile the onions, mushrooms, and bacon on top of the liver, turn the heat down to medium and let the meat cook through for 5-10 minutes (don't overcook, this is important).
This will ensure a nice caramelized sear on the meat, as well as making sure it all cooks through (Some prefer the liver to just barely retain a pinkness on the inside when you cut to check).

Serve immediately and enjoy.

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