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Animals are raised (season and weather permitting) outdoors on rotationaly managed paddocks. This means the animals spend a specified amount of time on a certain acreage of grass and are moved when that grass is spent, and fresh foliage is needed.

Bone-In Rib-Eye

14-18oz. Steak

Boston Butt

Avg. Weight 3.5lbs.

Chicken Drumsticks

4 Per Pack | 1lb avg.

Chicken Legs & Thighs

2 Per Pack | 2lb avg.

Chicken Soup Bones

4-5lb. Package

Chicken Thigh | Bone In

4 Per Pack | 1.25lb avg.

Chicken Wings

4-5 Per Pack | 1lb Avg.

Chuck Eye Steak

10-14oz. Steak

Filet Mignon

6-8oz. Steak

Fresh Ground Pork

1lb. Package

Ground Turkey

1lb. Package

Petite Tender

10-14oz. Steak

Tri Tip Roast

1-1.5lb steak

Whole Turkey

23lb Avg. Weight