*No Vaccines or Antibiotics

The routine administration of vaccines or antibiotics is not practiced at Whitaker Farms. There are certain times where faced with the chance of death or great suffering, that we choose to give medicine to an animal. Given the practices and management of the animals on the farm, this is extremely rare. If antibiotics are ever given to an animal, we take that specific animal out of regular retail production and sell it through other outlets.  If you buy on the website you will never receive an animal that has been treated. 

1/8 Beef


Beef Heart



Beef Liver


Beef Tongue


Bone-In Rib-Eye

12-16oz. Steak


Boston Butt

Avg. Weight 4lbs.


Chicken Drumsticks

4 Per Pack | 1-1.25lb avg.

Chicken Soup Bones

5-7lb. Package

Chicken Thigh | Bone In

4 Per Pack | 1-1.25lb avg.

Chicken Wings

4-5 Per Pack | 1lb Avg.


Chuck Eye Steak

8-12oz. Steak

Filet Mignon

6-8oz. Steak

Save $8.50

Half Turkey

7-10lbs Avg. Weight


Petite Tender

1-1.5lb Steak

Pork Fat

2lb AVG


Tri Tip Roast

1-1.4lb steak