Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

4-5 Per Pack | 1lb Avg.

The Cut - 

It's a shame to only eat these on Game-day. With our pasture-raised Chicken Wings, you don’t have to douse your wings with sugary sauce to enjoy big flavor. Turns out the best seasoning for chicken is grass, bugs and seeds. Our birds get to enjoy a healthy lifestyle out in the pasture. Room to move, a varied diet, and fresh air lead to exceptionally healthy, nutritious, and delicious chicken.

The Preparation - 

Crank the oven up to 400°F then put your wings on a pan with a rack. Give them a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and allow them to cook for 45 mins. You’ll get nice crispy wings that showcase the flavor of our pasture-raised chicken.

The Location - 

Each pack contains 5 whole wings (both drumette and flat). Our chicken is never pre-brined, injected with fillers, or treated with preservatives.