Boneless Center Cut Sirloin Steak

Boneless Center Cut Sirloin Steak

8-12oz. Steak

The Cut - 

Looking for a steak on the lean side, but still want some flavor? We've got your answer. This 21 day dry-aged cut has a one-of-a-kind flavor that shines when this steak is seared and served rare. It's a boneless cut and is a more readily available, and more budget-friendly alternative to a filet.  If you want a steak that is lean and rich in Old World flavor, the top sirloin offers both. The sirloin is the place where Paleo and low fat join together. 

The Preparation - 

It's A steak well suited for a variety of preparations, Grass Fed sirloin can be enjoyed many ways. This cut is best served on the rarer side since it doesn't have much fat in or around it. Cook with high heat to develop a good char, but keep the inside nice and red. The more this cut cooks, the tougher it becomes. Sirloin is fantastic for marinating, grilling, pan-searing...and truly is a great versatile cut of meat.

The Location - 

The Sirloin comes from the back part of the animal, where a muscle develops from moving around, roaming freely on pasture. This spot develops great flavor and but doesn't sacrifice all of its tenderness.