Beef Stew Meat

Beef Stew Meat

1lb. package
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The Cut

Our pre-cut Stew Meat is for those days when you want the house to smell amazing, and dinner to be worth every last second of prep. In short, it’s the kind of meal primed and ready for that next chilly day. This cut features pure red meat with minimal fat content and is grass-fed beef to ensure you are eating healthy. This beef is tender which reduces cooking time. It also offers great texture and a flavorful taste. The few traces of fat melt away into the soup, which ensures you get tender bites of beef in the soup. These steak cuts have little fat content but have a connective tissue known as collagen. The collagen breaks down after cooking the meat for some minutes, making it tenderer and tastier.

The Preparation - 

Toss in a little bit of flour then sear all sides of each piece over high (do it in batches to avoid crowding) before adding homemade stock, vegetables, and fresh herbs. Cook it low and slow for a thick and tender stew.

The Location - 

Stew Meat is made from the back of Betsy.  It's cut up into 1 inch pieces from the "round" part of the cow.  This area gets a lot of exercise so its going to be full of flavor but will need to be cooked low and slow, and with some broth!