Skirt Steak Whole

Skirt Steak Whole

1-1.5lb Steak

The Cut -

Short on time? Skirt Steak will be your go to.  Throw it on the grill or in your cast iron pan for an amazingly fast and flavorful meal. Enjoy as a steak, or slice against the grain to top salads and tacos. This steak has a naturally buttery flavor, with a nice bite.  It's a long, flat muscle with thick grain and a good amount of fat between muscle strands, which helps lock in essential moisture while grilling. The weight of these steaks can vary but are typically 12-18oz.

The Preparation -

This thin cut only needs to be cooked over high heat for a very short period of time, 2-4 minutes per side. Skirt steak can be tougher than other cuts, and overcooking makes it even tougher, so grilling quickly over high heat is the best way to cook. Prior to cooking, slice the skirt into thirds, lengthwise. This will make it easier to slice against the grain, which runs from top to bottom on the short side of the meat.

The Location - 

The Skirt Steak is located near the plate, and is actually the diaphragm of the animal. This muscle helps the cow breath, and because of the pasture-raised lifestyle they lead, this muscle gets an incredible workout, which creates an awesome flavor and large muscle fibers.