Pork Cutlet

Pork Cutlet

4-5, 4oz. Cutlets
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The Cut - 

Pork Cutlets are small portioned, tenderized steaks that are great for a quick meal. At 4oz. per cutlet, they're perfect for that quick meal.  It's an inexpensive cut that has been traditionaly prepared by frying or breading.   

The Preparation -

There are a million ways to fry these puppies up.  Traditional pork Schnitzel, Parmesan, you name it.  They can also be prepared without breading or frying though.  Salt, pepper, and a little bit of oil in the skillet will also do the trick.  

The Location - 

Pork Cutlets are made from the back part of the pig called the ham.  They are sliced thin and come tenderized.  These cutlets, although tiny, sure do pack a flavorful punch.