New York Strip -  Lean -

New York Strip - Lean -

8-12oz. Steak
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The Cut - 

The nature of raising grass fed beef leads to some differences in the marbling of our steaks.  Genetics, timing, and forage quality all have to do with how much marbling goes into a steak like the New York. We've noticed a difference in some of our cuts in terms of marbling content, and wanted to offer them at a lower price.  The "lean" version of our New York's are not like our normal product.  They are a leaner version of our typical Strips with very minimal fat.  While the flavor is still in these cuts, the tenderness may not be.  Farmer Bryan and his Firehouse friends have lived off of these steaks for years because he would always sell his best cuts and save the leaner steaks for him and his buddies! Marinating works well, or using them for meals such as tacos, salads, and fajitas!  "The best job for these steaks though: Breakfast." -Bryan

The Preparation -

High and fast is the name of the game here, as is with most of our Grass Fed steaks.  Take the time to preheat your grill or cast iron pan. You want to get a quick sear on the outside of the steak and heat the internal temperature to 130°F (medium rare). Don’t worry about adding too many spices to this cut. The Steak packs a ton of flavor, and spices tend to burn when cooking on high heat. Finally, don’t forget to let your meat rest before cutting into it! It helps the juices redistribute back into the meat. 

The Location - 

The Strip comes from the back of the steer, where the muscles don’t get much of a workout. It's technically called the short loin as you can see on Betsy Below. See, we told you it was in between a rib eye and a filet!