Pork Sausage - Patties - Mild

Pork Sausage - Patties - Mild

6 Ready to Cook Patties
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The Cut - 

These patties were born ready! Well, for the skillet that is. This is a classic breakfast sausage that is seasoned with sage, , red pepper, black pepper, and brown sugar. Since our pigs have the freedom and opportunity to use their muscles in the woods, the meat develops a deep, incredible taste.

The Preparation - 

Cook this sausage patty up in a hot pan until golden brown. Pair with an egg and biscuit for an All American breakfast sandwich.

The Location - 

We grab our pork sausage from a number of different places on the hog.  The first off is "trim" - which is a term used for the trimmings on more select cuts like chops and bacon.  After that we grab some fat from the hogs back - and then add in shoulder, picnic, ham, cheek, and shank!



Pork, Salt, Sage, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Sugar