Pork Sausage - Hot

Pork Sausage - Hot

1lb. Package

The Cut - 

We're not huge fans of "hot" sausage, so trust us when we say this stuff won't knock your socks off.  It contains a little bit more Red Pepper than our mild blend, but it's nothing to be scared of. 

The Preparation - 

The easiest way to cook loose sausage it to crumble it up into a hot pan and cook on high until golden brown. This is great for sausage gravy or on your biscuit in the morning. Pairs well with strong, black coffee and hard workers. 

The Location - 

We grab our sausage from a number of different places on the hog.  The first off is "trim" - which is a term used for the trimmings on more select cuts like chops and bacon.  After that we grab some fat from the hogs back - and then add in shoulder, picnic, ham, cheek, and shank!



Salt, red pepper, sage, sugar, black pepper