Flap Steak | Whole

Flap Steak | Whole

1-2lb. Steak
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 The Cut - 

Flap steak often gets confused with a bunch of other steaks.  It's not a skirt, a flank, or a tender - but it resembles all three.  Sometimes it's also referred to as a Bavette steak or Fajita steak.  It's traditionally thin and contains very flavorful, unique muscle fibers that when prepared correctly, are out of this world! Portion will sizes vary.

The Preparation - 

This cut is truly amazing when seasoned with lots of salt, grilled over high heat, then served with chimichurri. It also holds a marinade really well, just make sure you clean it off before cooking over high heat, or the marinade will burn. Finally, take special care to cut against the grain after resting.

The Location - 

The Flap steak has unique muscle fibers that give this cut an amazing texture. The meat comes from the belly of the beef, where the workout they get from living a pasture-raised lifestyle intensifies the deep flavors of this dry aged cut. Specifically, on our model Betsy here, its comes from the region where the flank meets the bottom sirloin.