Flank Steak | Whole

Flank Steak | Whole

1.25lb avg.

The Cut - 

While this steak is less tender than other cuts you can get, that doesn’t make it any less desirable. This steak has a beefy, robust flavor that only comes from its less tender area of the cut. Its toughness and flavor make it perfect for spicy dishes like fajitas or tacos.  We prefer it served sliced, but the steak is also versatile enough to be eaten whole. It comes individually packaged in 8-12oz portions. 

The Preparation - 

The Flank Steak has unique muscle fibers that create an incredible mouthfeel when cooked and cut correctly. Sear simply with salt and pepper or marinade for an extra level of flavor (just make sure to clean your marinate off before hitting high heat to avoid burning). After resting, take special care to cut against the grain for the most tender results. Perfect for Fajitas, tacos, burritos, or salads! 

The Location -

Like its cousin, the skirt and flap steak - it cut comes from the belly of the cattle, where the workout from living a pasture-raised lifestyle intensifies the flavor. On our model Betsy, you can find it on her plate section.