Chuck Eye Steak

Chuck Eye Steak

8-12oz. Steak

The Cut -

Chuck Eye might be its Christian name - but really this thing should be called a poor man's ribeye or a butcher's ribeye. The "Poor man's" title in the meat industry basically means it tastes just like its bigger brother, but it's just cheaper. Ribeye's are traditionally cut form the 6-12 rib of the cow.  Well, the first 5 ribs aren't considered ribeyes, they're considered chuck eyes because they come from the chuck portion of the animal.  Typically a butcher will only take 2-3 Chuck Eye's from the animal depending on the quality.  

The Preparation - 

The Chuck Eye is a delicious, no fuss steak. Just season with salt, rub it down with a little oil to promote a nice sear, and cook over high heat. This steak is best served rare to medium rare and we don't recommend going above medium.

The Location - 

The Chuck Eye is an incredible cut. It comes from the steer or heifer’s shoulder; this location develops great flavor because of the workout that part of the body gets living a pasture-raised life. Resting between the Ribeye and Strip, this cut has the perfect balance of tenderness and flavor. This steak is also rare, with only six Chuck Eye Steaks in the entire animal.