Chicken Sausage - Chorizo

Chicken Sausage - Chorizo

1lb. Package
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The Cut - 

Just like our Pork Chorizo, this stuff is a much requested breakfast at the fire hall breakfast table.  Our Chorizo is a Mexican Blend - and given that the head farmer at Whitaker Farms grew up surfing there - you can see why its on the menu. 

The Preparation - 

The easiest way to cook loose sausage it to crumble it up into a hot pan and cook on high until golden brown. The pairing possibilities are endless. This sausage is perfect for taco night or a spicy breakfast burrito.  Bryan says to try it as a scramble with potatoes, eggs, and cheese.

The Location - 

Our Chicken Sausage is made from the clean trimming of both light and dark meat. We keep as much fat as possible, to ensure your dishes don't end up dry and tasteless.




Chicken, Chili Pepper, Salt, Spices, Garlic Powder, Spice Extractives, -2% Silicone Dioxide