Beef Korean Style Short Rib

Beef Korean Style Short Rib

2lb Avg

The Cut - 

Short Ribs are a crazy, flavorful and rich cut that love to be cooked low and slow. They combine the large rib bones, and layers of meat and fat that create an amazing mouthfeel and deep flavor. Slow cooking this dry aged cut produces fall-off-the-bone deliciousness that is perfect served atop polenta or pasta when you're craving a hearty dinner. **Inside Secret** Farmer Bryan actually kept these off the website for a very long time because he selfishly gave all of the short ribs to his brother to cook - because they are a family favorite.

The Preparation -

Low. Slow. Game Over. To achieve the desired fall-off-the-bone perfection, you'll need to cook your Short Ribs to 180°F, and keep it there for a few hours. The long cooking time allows connective tissue to break down, and lessens the chance moisture will escape. When slow cooking meat, you want to layer your flavors by braising using REAL stocks/bone broths along with fresh herbs. Finish your deep braise with vinegar or fresh citrus to brighten all of those wonderful flavors.

The Location - 

Ummmm - you guessed it.  See that big section on Betsy that says "RIB" - it comes from there!